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Trouble shooting

If you are having trouble with this site. Please check your browser and make sure you're using IE 6.0 or higher. We currently support IE 6-8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Most other browsers should work as long as they follow the same standards, but we can't gaurantee it. Most likely this site will not work well with mobile browsers which do not fully support AJAX and other advanced Javascript features.

How to take the most advantage of this site as possible.


Our new search feature works by giving you the most relevant results possible. Most of the time, you will find entering 1 or 2 words will give you good results. The most relevant matches will be at the top of the search If you are not seeing what you’re looking for, then you can use quotes (“) around your search words. This will force the search to look for all the words together rather than looking for any occurrence of the separate words. For example, if you type green lantern, you get items that have the word green and lantern anywhere in the title or description. But if you enter “green lantern”, then you will only get results with the words “green lantern” together. You may combine quotes and separate words together such as “green lantern” evil. This would put all the items with “green lantern” + evil at the top of the search results.


There is an RSS feature which will give this week’s New arrivals. To use it, simply click on the Icon and your browser should automatically guide you through adding it to your list of feeds.

Advanced features for Geeks

The information below is for computer geeks. But you can play around with this if you want.


The most basic feature is adding a favorite link on your browser so you can quickly see your favorite comics.
Go to the search box, and enter a search like “green lantern” (with quotes as part of the search).
Then add the search results page to your favorites. Next time you visit this site, use your search link from your favorites link and, you’re there!

Advanced RSS

You can build your own RSS queries and find cool stuff like last week’s new arrivals, next week’s arrivals and then you can filter the results. Here’s how:
Click on the RSS feed icon and add these parameters to the url
The &q parameter is the query which will filter your results. This is the same as the searching instructions above. You can separate search terms with a comma (,) or use %20 as a space.
The &n parameter controls the week you will get where n=0 everything in the database, n=1 last week, n= 2 this week and n=3 next week.

Undocumented page

If for some reason you would rather see a detail description on its own page instead of dialog box you can specify a page called detail.aspx?id=288-0398
The parameter id must contain the catalog number of the item you want to find.

Easter eggs

There are a few Easter eggs on this site. No, we won’t tell you what they are, how to find them or use them. In fact, no one at the store even knows about them. Ha! Check the site out from time to time you never know when more will be added or replaced.