Welcome has a ton of new features that will help make your shopping experience secure, fast, pleasant and easy.

We made the comic book covers the star by giving them your entire screen where possible. We also keep the resolution high because we don't use scaled down thumbnails.

We don't require you log in to use our site because we want to make it safe, convenient and simple to shop and browse for everyone.

New features

  1. The new site is mobile/tablet friendly and desktop friendly!
  2. The whole site has been upgraded to use SSL through out.
  3. Your personal data is secure and not stored on our servers but stays strictly on your device.
  4. The graphics are all high resolution, so they look awesome!
  5. The covers are the stars! You will notice the covers are big and fill the screen so you can enjoy them.
  6. Pull lists allow you to browse all the new arrivals and pick them up at a local store at your convenience for free!
  7. The shopping cart allows you to pick all your comics with the convenience of having them shipped to your home at the speed you wish.
  8. Sharing cool content with your friends is easier than ever. Every page has a share icon. Touching it on your mobile device makes it simple to send using popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, email and more.
  9. is optimized to be fast. All our pages are minified, our backend code is minified, then it's compressed to make delivery fast.
  10. Cookies only store your shopping cart and pull list items on your browser so when you come back, it remembers. Our servers do not store this information.
  11. Our forms are designed using the latest browser features so you don't need to re-type your info over and over.
  12. Our email addresses, phone numbers and GPS directions are all a single touch away.


  1. We support auto form filling. You may have to enable this feature on your browser. Some browsers require you to manually enter auto-fill data; go to settings > personal data, tap on auto fill forms, add a profile. Some browsers make a pretty good guess as to how to auto fill the form automatically. Older browser may have limited auto-form fill support or none.
  2. You can create links for your convenience for the new arrivals. As an example, if you want to see only spider man new releases the link would be The 1 means the latest week. 2 would be the previous week and so on.
  3. The dialing links often won't work on desktop devices because they don't offer a calling option. Hovering over the phone icon will display the phone number.